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Resto'Touch for Microsoft® Surface®

Resto'Touch sets the standard in applications for restaurants, bars and brasseries. Enter the touch screen era with a turnkey system designed for you. HD photos, videos, stereo sounds, information sheets, everything is designed to wet your customers' appetite.

As an essential new design of your establishment, Resto'Touch offers you an unparalleled fast return on investment. Create a buzz around your name and see a substantial boost in customer traffic and sales!

A Microsoft® Surface® touch screen unit not only adds a modern 'touch' but most importantly is a great buying tool which will delight your customers with its features and design. Intuitive, magical and user-friendly, it is sure to please your customers.

With Resto'Touch, you build an innovative image and offer your customers a new concept in restaurant dining: a whole new way to explore your unique menu, in a friendly and engaging experience.

A surprised and delighted customer is a loyal customer!

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Groundbreaking new features

Interactive order taking

Encyclopédie interactive

This very intuitive system allows up to 4 people to place their order directly on the touch screen unit, where they can view detailed photographs of dishes, aperitifs and wines in a very fun way. Your clients can take the time they want to select their meals and drinks - or on the other hand, if they are in a hurry, they don't need to wait for a server.

A virtual wine waiter

Réservations en ligne

Your virtual wine waiter will welcome your customers and advise them on wine selection. With the help of videos, photographs of the vineyards, winemaking information and detailed characteristics of each wine, your customers can make the best choice for the dishes they have chosen - so you can offer all the services of a sommelier.

Virtual tourist guide, points of interest

Transfert interactif

Thanks to a 2-D/3-D geolocation system, on Bing Maps™, your customers will enjoy a true virtual tourist guide, who can help them discover the region with key visitor destinations and monuments, practical information (ticket prices, opening hours, accessibility, history etc.).

Calling a waiter, making a reservation

Appeler un serveur

A customer can call a waiter directly from the touch screen unit or make a reservation for a future visit.

To avoid any duplication, all data is linked and updated in real time to your database.

Access to the touch screen unit may be open, or controlled using member cards, which provides a way of building your customer database, better targeting your customers' preferences and offering an ever more attractive menu.

Resto'Touch can also be customized to your requirements: a wide range of other functionalities can be added on by request!

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